Cyber Security


Protecting what really matters

We believe that what really matters in this digital age, is protecting what matters. Remarkable revolutions have come about in the least 50 years; we went from computers taking up a room to being carried in a backpack - from having to do the Y-M-C-A dance with the TV antennas to being able to stream on a device that fits in your pocket from anywhere in the world!

Studies show that every second there are more than 6 virus attacks per second, that's over 560,000 per day! Our priority is protecting all of your valuable files and memories from malicious attacks and unwanted intruders. Our highly trained technicians work relentlessly to minimize your downtime in the event of an attack but utilizing remote managed services and other revolutionary technology to keep your irreplaceable moments secure. Whether it be in-store or remotely, we pride ourselves providing the virus removal expertise you need to help keep you and your files safe from the likes of malware, spyware, click-ware, ransomware, worms, viruses, and other malicious attacks

As consumers have more and more product and service provider choices, the choice is clear - there is a reason PC Techs and Parts has one of the lengthiest histories in the Tacoma area and has over 5000 satisfied customers. Our team of expert will provide results that will help you see that: "What matters to us, is protecting what matters.

Things we do for your peace of mind:
  1. 24/7 monitoring and scanning
  2. Network integrity check ups
  3. Virus removal
  4. Up-to-date databases and registries
  5. Daily backups

plus many other options to ensure that you are safe and protected in our digital age!

The Scares of Our Digital Age

With more and more technologies becoming available for end users, it is important to remember the basics of virus and malicious attack prevention. If you do not recall signing up for a service, do not open any links provided in the email. It is best practice to alert your email provider that the email was sent as a scam or phishing. Phishing is whenever an individual or group of individuals are acting as an official representative of a company or on a companies behalf, even though they have no affiliation. They do this to fool you and use the credibility of a company to gain access to your computer or network. However, be careful and follow the steps below to ensure it isn't just a marketing email officially sent from the company,

If you ever have any questions about whether or not it is a legitimate email via marketing or notification, be sure to check the senders address. These addresses with typically end in the domain address of the official company. For example,,, etc. The easiest way to verify this is conducting a search in your browser for the company (i.e. t-mobile). These companies will have something that states "Official Site" or something similar. IF, this isn't the case then you can call the company to confirm if it is a valid email, if it is and you don't want to receive them anymore, you can request to be removed from their mailing list. If it is not, then report this email and delete it immediately to prevent accidental opening.

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