Virus and Malware Cleaning is our Specialty - Only $119.99

or $159.00 with Pickup and Delivery

PC Techs & Parts System Cleaning & Tune-Up includes virus removal, spyware/highjacker removal including the newest forms of malware which are fake security alerts. We also clean and optimize the registry and update your operating system with the latest service packs and patches. We insure that your anti-virus software is working correctly and is up-to-date.

Our System Cleaning & Tune-up will get your system running good again in most cases. Occasionally however, a full re-installation is needed to completely remove the most stubborn viruses and spyware. We offer a 3 day trial period after the cleaning in which we strongly suggest you thoroughly test your system. If you feel it is still infected, we offer a free full re-installation with backups. In the case of a system being re-infected within 30 days and anti-virus is installed and current; we offer a discount of $20.00 off our normal system clean price.

Remember, the internet is full of viruses, spyware and hoax sites that will infest your computer. Assuming and maintaining a security viewpoint is critical in staying safe. Think of the Internet as the Wild West. You certainly would not ride into Tombstone unarmed carrying a wad of cash. It just is not smart. This security viewpoint needs to be instilled in your entire family. You must be wary of false promises, free downloads, free offers all designed to take your money, your identity, mess up your computer, etc. Think before you click! If you use the internet without up-to-date anti-virus software, you will soon have viruses again. Even with the best Anti-virus software, your system can become infested if you click on pop-ups and free downloads.

Home Users Managed Services

All Inclusive Plan for our Home Users



$240.00 per year - Keeps your system running great for a full year!

Our Home Users Plan Includes:

  • Full Monitoring of your system's health - 24/7
    • Hard Drive Health
    • Critical Events
    • Vulnerability
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Patch Management
  • Web Protection
  • Virus Cleaning
  • System Tune-ups and Maintenance
  • UNLIMITED PHONE, REMOTE AND IN-SHOP SUPPORT (during regular business hours)

***Does not include cost of hardware***
***1 year Service Contract must be Paid in Advance***

Other Services

Free In-Store Diagnostic & Repair Estimate

Our free repair estimate allows our customers a no-risk way to find out if the repairs will cost more than their computer is worth.  We use the latest software and hardware technology to diagnose problems that are causing you frustration and headaches.  (System must post for this free diagnostic)  We will always give you our repair estimate up front and labor charges are almost never more than $120.00. In cases where the system does not post, our minimum 1 hour labor will apply.

Pickup and Delivery

PC MessDoes the thought of dis-connecting your computer and lugging it in to our shop make you nervous? Let us do the heavy lifting for you with our Pickup and Delivery service. We offer pick up and delivery in our local area for only 39.99. We'll schedule a time to come get your computer, work on it in our shop, then call you to schedule a time for delivery. No Worries.

On-Site or Remote Service

On-site service is available and will be scheduled 2 - 3 days in advance. Emergency same day service is also available with an additional $45.00 surcharge. Our on-site service is $90.00 for the first hour and $65.00/hour for additional hours, billed in 15 minute increments.

Remote Computer Repair and Support $30.00

Many problems can be resolved remotely at a lesser cost than an on-site service call. For only $30.00 for up to 30 minutes, one of our techs can remotely access your pc to help resolve your issue. This remote support is only available if the computer is connected to high speed internet and is not badly infected with viruses and malware. Call us at 253-531-6785 so our staff can evaluate your situation to advise which service would be most suitable.

Click for Remote Support

Please call us to arrange for a technician to accept your remote support request.


Emergency RUSH - $45.00 surcharge (Military $25.00)

We offer an special emergency RUSH service which guarantee's that one of our techs will begin work on your system immediately. Although we cannot guarantee finish time, this service allows the by-pass of the time waiting in line. This usually means the system will be finished in one to two days depending on the severity of the problem. For our honored military customers, we offer our RUSH service for only $25.00.

Remote Managed IT Services

Upgrades & Troubleshooting

We fully test and analyze your system before making any upgrade recommendations. We do not believe in over-selling and will always take your personal usage of the system into consideration before making any recommendations. Troubleshooting a problem system can be time consuming and frustrating. Our skilled technicians are proficient at solving even the most difficult computer problems. Our labor for troubleshooting and repairing a pc is $60.00 minimum and $120.00 maximum.


PC & Electronics Recycling

We offer easy recycling for products that shouldn't be thrown in the trash.

Don't take a chance with your important personal data and information by recycling without secure data destruction. We guarantee your data is destroyed and are committed to recycling computer electronics in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • PC/Tower (without data destruction) - FREE
  • PC/Tower with secure data destruction - $10.00
  • CRT Monitor - $11.00
  • LCD Monitor (Dead or Alive) - FREE
  • Printers/Scanners (up to 15 lbs) - $6.00
  • Miscellaneous Electronics - $ .35/lb

Laptop Repair

Laptop Jack Repair - $149.99

A loose connection where you plug in the power adapter, intermittent power problems, or the laptop simply won't charge anymore can all be symptoms of a bad AC jack. This is a very common problem and without the jack replacement, or completly replacing the entire motherboard, the laptop will be worthless.

Laptop jack repair is a last resort effort to get an other-wise dead laptop working again. Our technicians are experienced in the dis-assembly and board level repair process involved in replacing a faulty AC Jack. Our work is guaranteed for 90 days and if the jack fails within that time, we will repair again for no charge. If the unit cannot be repaired because of damage to the motherboard or other unforseen problems, you will be charged for 1 hour of labor ($65.00); or can opt to trade the dead laptop for the price of the labor. Although our success rate for this repair is high, it is important to know that a small percentage of jacks cannot be repaired. In that event, it may also be possible for us to recover your data, such as pictures, documents and music.

Other Laptop Repair - $75.00 min (max $150.00) Plus parts

  • Screen Replacement
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Inverter/Backlight Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Hinges, Plastics, Switches Repair or Replace
  • Optical Drive Replacement



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